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Programming Language for Business

J15 - Programming Language PL/B

Technical Committee J15 has developed an ANSI Standard for the Programming Language PL/B. Work has now begun toward submitting this standard for ISO "fast.track" consideration. The PL/B programming language, which was originally developed in 1972 as DATABUS(R), is currently the primary business programming language for over 250,000 workstations in over 40 countries and is supported by at least nine independent compiler companies on a broad range of hardware and operating systems.

PL/B supports highly interactive business application programming in individual and shared network environments. It has been developed to be easily learned in shorter time frames and by less experienced personnel than a majority of other standard languages. The language structure lends itself not only to easy code generation, but also to easy automated code analysis and reengineering which J15 feels are important considerations for future business programming environments.

For additional information see the [WHO], [WHAT], [WHERE], [WHEN], [WHY], and [HOW] articles on PL/B.

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Chair: Gary Raymond, Infopro Inc.

Vice Chair: Steve White, Sunbelt Computer Systems

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